Who We Are

Alberto Aguilera

Stars 45 Program Manager


Pasadena native, Alberto is a byproduct of Pasadena’s Public School District. Understanding the demographic and diversity of Pasadena, he is aware of challenges inner city youth phase. Growing up as part of Stars and the mentoring program, Alberto has developed a natural desire to advocate Star’s mission of unleashing the God-given potential of youth. Alberto feels a strong calling in giving youth the same gift that was given to him, the gift of love in the form of spending quality time with students and encouraging them. Alberto believes that God shows himself thru his disciples and wishes to be. Alberto today works as manager of the new North Pasadena Stars. Alberto received an Associates Degree of Arts at Pasadena City College and wishes to pursue higher education and is currently exploring the field of Education and Psychology. Alberto is an avid soccer player and if he’s not at the office, your best bet is that he is playing soccer somewhere in the vast San Gabriel Valley.