Stars College Program

The Stars College program is an interdependent program that comes alongside 1st generation students from low income backgrounds. We also welcome students interested in achieving a certification program or training to be placed in careers aligned with their academic, professional, personal, and spiritual goals. Our program seeks to build and strengthen support systems around our students through Igraduate coaching, resource events, and financial support to help students thrive in higher education.

Levels of Support

Level 1

  • Igraduate coaching (academic counseling)
  • Participation in parent trainings
  • College campus visits
  • Networking opportunities

Level 2

  • Includes everything in Level 1
  • College mentoring
  • Assistance with college applications and FAFSA
  • Transportation assistancee
  • Student check-ins (accountability)
  • Study hall opportunities
  • Debt counseling
  • College Start Kit (books, supplies, and technology)
  • Network to existing support systems available in your community and campus

Level 3

  • Includes all support 1 and 2
  • Training on how to find and apply grants and scholarship
  • Crisis Prevention (counseling and mentoring)
  • On campus visits (in or out of state)
  • Immigration support where needed
  • Health insurance enrollment support
  • Tuition support
  • Scholarship award between $500-$2,000
  • Must attend 3 mandatory trainings


Special thanks to our donors that make this scholarship program possible!


Carl and Roberta Deutsch


The application is currently closed. Applications will be available mid September. Early decision will be given to 5 students who apply by October 31st. The application will officially be closed in November.


To be considered for the application, the applicant must:

  1. Be an alumni of any Stars Program. (Stars After School program, Mentor program, SKILLZ, participated in any winter or summer program)
  2. If not an alumni of any Stars program then you must have attended at least 3 Stars College Program events before application officially opens.


* Further eligibility requirements (such as GPA, income status, etc.) will be on the application when it opens.

Igraduate Coach

In partnership with Ascending Lights I Graduate program, we assist students with their academic planning and meet with them regularly to help them navigate through the community college system in preparation to graduate from their desired degree or certificate. 

An Igraduate Coach:

  • Serves as a college coach
  • Goes through training to learn how to best support college students
  • Checks in with students regularly
  • Meets with students throughout the year
  • Helps students develop a long term plan for success
  • Serves as an accountability coach
  • Connects students to additional resources

If you are interested in becoming an Igraduate coach, please fill out our General Volunteer Application. When choosing the volunteer opportunity you are interested in, please select “Other” and type in “Igraduate Coach.”


Amy Cardenas

College Success Coordinator

Curt Gibson

Associate Director