Who We Are

Douglas Ramos Ortega

Middle School Program Leader


Douglas Ramos was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, and came to the United States in 2007 when he was 7 years old. He began teaching himself English as well as learning
from teachers by being part of the ESL program.

During High School, Douglas was part of the FORM Academy program, which taught under-resourced students art at UCLA, and an intern at the Korean Resource Center where he learned how to play Pungmul (Korean traditional drums).

After graduating high school in 2018 from UCLA-CS Robert F Kennedy Community Schools, Douglas decided to pursue his art and fitness career. And at the age of 20, he moved to Houston, Texas to work in construction.

While in Texas, God retouched Douglas’ heart and soul and he began changing his perspective on life. Douglas moved back to California and continued to attend the church where he was first baptized. Douglas is now pursuing an Associates in Fine Arts and looking to transfer to UCLA to gain his Master of Arts in teaching.

When Douglas is not clocked in, he enjoys filming and editing videos for his company/brand on Instagram. Douglas
loves to paint and draw, but most importantly he loves to create. Douglas loves reading and writing, but not
as much as he loves coffee. He also enjoys hiking and camping, as well as nature. In his free time, Douglas likes watching anime and sci-fi movies as well as playing video games.

Fun Fact about Douglas: He is building a following on Instagram to bring awareness to the inequalities/exploitation towards immigrant workers and educate those who are not undocumented about DACA recipients and those without DACA (unDACAmented) youth.