Who We Are

Karyn Farrar-Perkins

Director of Education Initiatives

Phone: 626-449-4960 ext. 2 karynfp@gostars.org

Karyn grew up in Pasadena and attended Pasadena public schools. It was in her fourth grade class at Madison School where she would pretend to teach during lunch time and her love of learning and teaching was born.

After graduating from Biola University, she started teaching second grader in South Central Los Angeles. Moving back to Northwest Pasadena, the educational, emotional and spiritual needs of the neighborhood children prompted her and two others to start Harambee Preparatory School according to the tenets of Marva Collins – ALL children are born achievers.

Karyn also spent time with her family in the Midwest, where she started Living Stones Academy – a faith-based school that opened its doors to the beautiful diversity of Grand Rapids. Karyn moved back to the Pasadena area a few years ago and she is delighted to use her educational expertise and be a part of Stars.

Karyn loves deep conversations, cooling, quilting and connecting with her former students. Her guiding thoughts in most of her endeavors are: acting justly, loving kindness, and walking humbly before God.