Who We Are

Maria Bowlin

Stars K23 Program Manager


A Mexico native, Maria has been serving the Pasadena Community since 2007 when she started volunteering through her church, conducting prayer walks in the Pasadena area and assisting with community outreach programs.

Maria knows the challenges and struggles that one can face every day in a foreign country and the educational challenges that children must overcome in an unfamiliar educational system. She has experienced the rewards and triumphs throughout the years overcoming those challenges and struggles by turning them into opportunities to grow.

Maria brings extensive knowledge serving in various ministries and corporate entities. She understands by personal experience the impact the love of God can make in someone’s life by bringing positive change in their identity, behavior and lifestyle. Her passion is to help children to discover and unlock their God-given potential.

Maria is married to John, together they have four children and three grandchildren.  They live in South Pasadena, John and Maria love to laugh and enjoy life. She also likes to teach Bible lessons, cook, enjoy the outdoors, read, or catch a weekend movie with her husband.