Who We Are

Sabrina Cardenas

Stars K23 Program Leader


Sabrina Cardenas was born and raised in Pasadena. She has two older sisters, which makes her the baby. She is also an aunt to four nieces and two nephews, that she loves with all of her heart. She has been involved with the Stars Program since she was in the first grade and has also been involved in the Mentoring Program. Her mentor, Val Nakada, is still in her life.

She graduated from Azusa High school in 2018 and subsequently attended Washington State University. Her previous dream job was to become a Zoologist, but when she was told that she didn’t have the financial aid to stay at Washington State, she came back home. It took her a while to think about what God wanted her to truly succeed in.

Sabrina recently decided that her call from God is to become an Elementary Teacher. She is studying at Pasadena City College working toward an Associates in Arts in Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer Degree to California State University, Los Angeles. When she receives her very first degree, she wants to further her education and earn her second Degree in Master of Social Work.

God has opened her eyes and helped her dig into her heart, helping her to realize that she is destined to work with children. She wants to educate and help children in her community mentally and physically, as well as in other cities. Sabrina says “having the opportunity to work with children makes me feel like a child at heart all over again. I love it” ! Sabrina’s parents are proud of her for not only having the opportunity  to give back to her community, but alongside  working with many  children from her childhood after school program. 

When she’s not clocked in, Sabrina loves spending time and creating memories  with her family, friends and her boyfriend, Sebastian. She loves to paint her nails, go for walks, a run, watch movies, play with her nieces and nephews, and drink lots and lots of coffee. She also enjoys reading books and articles about Self-Care, feminism, Music, Influential Psychologist, and Space/Astronomy. 

Fun fact, Sabrina hopes to visit these two top locations that are on her fun bucket list:  NASA’s Space Center in Houston, Texas and an island in Japan called Ōkunoshima or Rabbit Island. This island is home to over 1,000 friendly wild bunnies who are ready to follow you and eat out of your hand.