Student Resources

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In addition to Stars’ afterschool, educational, and mentorship programs for students in the Pasadena area, we also provide a variety of resources for continued growth and support.

Learn more about our resources for careers, tutoring, scholarships, immigration, and more.

After School Programs
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Choosing a Career

When choosing a career it’s good to know your personality type. Here are a couple of tests to help you better understand yourself:

Students interested in making career decisions will find California Career Zone helpful. The California CareerZone site is designed to help you explore, plan, and prepare for a career.

  • Self-assessment modules including interest, work-importance and skills profile tools.
  • Financial literacy tools including “Budget your Life” assessment
  • Over 900 occupations, as well as information on US colleges and certifications
  • Personalized pathway recommendations based on student exploration
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Student Scholarships

Click here to see a list of 2023 scholarships for students.

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Tutoring Resources for Students

Pasadena Unified School District page on tutoring resources: is a free resource to students that includes:

  • Live tutors accessible 24/7
  • Submit writing assignments for review – Essay feedback provided. Written work is reviewed and annotated by an educator to give students rapid writing feedback
  • Multilingual support in Spanish, French, & Mandarin
  • Reports / data provided to teachers on student interactions
  • Use voice to text on the app
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Immigration Resources

The Immigration Resource Center provides quality low-cost immigration legal services and referral services. Learn more at

Esperanza immigrant rights project is a resource providing community education, consultations and direct representation for people facing immigrant issues. Learn more at

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Legal Services

A provider of free legal services. Public Counsel has been a great support to families from Stars in the past. Learn more at

Our Programs

Get a Mentor

Interested in joining a mentorship program? Stars’ mentors help students through the many challenges of life, providing guidance and support – as well as fun activities and group events.


Join one of our afterschool programs to enrich your education, build a community of like-minded individuals, and more.


Are you a high school student planning your college path? Our college support program can help you find scholarship, prepare for exams, and choose the right college for you.


Counseling is key to self-care, mental health, and more. Our confidential counseling program allows you to speak one-on-one with a trained member of Stars.


From exercise courses to food programs and personal development events, our wellness program helps our students become the best, healthiest versions of themselves.


From road trips to art camps, internship opportunities, and more, our enriching summer activities are open to students of all ages.