Why We Do It

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Our Motivation

Pasadena is the Crown City—home of the Rose Bowl, the Rose Parade, Caltech. But there is a different side to Pasadena than what the world sees on New Year’s Day. Pasadena consistently ranks in the top ten cities with the highest income disparity in the state of California, and one of the highest private-to- public school enrollment ratios in the nation. That means Pasadena Unified School District serves an increasingly low-income urban student population with fewer and fewer resources. Across America’s hard-to- serve urban areas, public school students drop out of school in alarming numbers, and for those that do graduate, the road to post-secondary education is filled with obstacles. Too many of America’s high school students are underserved and, as a result, are underperforming. Pasadena is a city of tremendous resources—the problem is that the resources are not shared equitably. By providing holistic support to students and families—through after-school programming, mentoring, college readiness, and parent engagement—Stars is providing the resources that help make dreams a reality.

Our Part of the Solution

Stars offers a holistic, community-collaborative approach in providing educational opportunity and support for students. Our programs include four after-school program sites, a mentoring program, summer enrichment trips and academic programs, college support, counseling, social skills classes, and parenting classes. Together, Stars programs provide over 9000 hours of tutoring and mentoring annually to more than 200 students and their families. It has become an established part of the Northwest Pasadena educational community, and our high school graduation rates are at 99%.
By encouraging, teaching, supporting and making a difference in the lives of the children and youth that we serve, Stars strengthens our whole community. Our approach is unique in the depth of the relationships we form with the students and families we serve and our long-term commitment to them. Programs start in 1st grade and continue through middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

Our Vision

A thriving, interdependent community where lives are transformed.
Isaiah 65:17-25