What We Do

Stars Mentoring

What is Stars Mentoring?

Youth mentoring is a journey of mutual discovery between an adult and a young person as they walk through life together.

How does it work?

We facilitate this wonderful journey by matching students and mentors, and providing them with the support, encouragement and resources that will help foster a nurturing and meaningful relationship.

How does mentoring help young people?

Having a consistent and caring mentor helps young people prepare to encounter many of life’s emotional, social, spiritual and vocational transitions.

How can I benefit from mentoring?

Through the interaction with their mentees and their environments, mentors gain a richer perspective on their own lives as well as a deeper understanding and appreciation for the realities young people face on a daily basis.


Stars After School

What is Stars 123?

The Stars 123 elementary program at Villa 500 provides a wide spectrum of Enrichment activities for Elementary School Students. We provide an exciting learning experience that seeks to develop the gifts and talents of young students grades 1-3.

Our activities introduce students to new opportunities and unlock the students potential in a wide array of areas, including science, reading, cooking, health, math, arts, hands-on field experiences, sports activities that introduce boys and girls to a variety of athletic pursuits. Our weekly Bible Lesson includes a fun activity that builds the spiritual growth of our students to help them develop a thriving relationship with God. The program includes Tutoring.

What is Stars 45?

In partnership with Because You Matter, Inc, North Pasadena Stars opened October 7th, 2014 with an initial capacity of 25 elementary students. The Stars elementary program provides a wide spectrum of enrichment programs for public school students. Enrichment programs introduce students to new opportunities in a wide array of areas, including science, computer programs, cooking, sewing, arts, hands-on field experiences, and sports enrichment programs that introduce boys and girls to a variety of athletic pursuits. We provide an exciting learning experience that seeks to develop the gifts and talents of young students in grades 4 and 5.

What is Middle School Stars?

Middle School Stars is an after-school program for 6-8th grade students in the city of Pasadena. We provide a safe, welcoming space for middle school students to complete homework, ask questions, and engage with caring adults. In addition to homework help, students are encouraged to surpass grade-level competencies with the support and guidance of academic tutors. Students participate in group mentoring, receive college counseling, and take fun excursions with their peers. The presence of parents and volunteers building assets alongside children is one of the program’s greatest strengths.

What is High School Stars?

High School Stars is a group mentoring program for 9-12th grade students in the city of Pasadena. We provide a safe, welcoming space for high school students to enjoy a homemade dinner and engage in informal conversations with caring adults. After dinner, students transition to a more structured discussion on practicing healthy habits at home, school, and in life. Our holistic approach to group mentoring is supplemented by strategic academic planning and college counseling for each individual student. The collaborative partnerships that help make this program possible is evidence that teamwork does in fact make the dream work.

Stars College Support

Stars prepares students for college through tutoring, enrichment classes, and homework help, beginning as far back as the first grade. We have participated in the transformation of many students as they seek a college education. Our College Program exists to help students realize their full potential by setting and realizing goals. Serving 100% low income students, we work with the families and students who agree together to adjust their lifestyle to make a bachelors degree a reality.

In partnership with Ascending Lights I Graduate program, we assist students with their academic planning and meet with them regularly to help them make good choices through their community college experience, and as they matriculate at a university. Read from the Alumni in their own words!

Kids Reading to Succeed

Created in December 2008, the Kids Reading to Succeed (KRS) literacy program uses reading as an educational platform to empower youth from vulnerable communities in Pasadena, Altadena, and Los Angeles. KRS’ mission is to partner with local non-profit organizations, community programs, and schools to collaborate on long-term literacy projects which will not only instill a love of reading in our students but also help them use literacy as a tool to succeed in school and beyond.

Stars Summer Enrichment

God has been doing amazing things in the summer through our many summer programs.  We provide summer camps at Forest Home and other locations with Lake Avenue Church, as well as a summer program for Elementary students and a summer school called SKILLZ for incoming 8th and 9th graders.

Family Engagement

Family engagement at Stars is not a program or department, it is a core value that can be explained in one word: mutuality. We believe that each family member, regardless of age, financial status, or ability to read or write, is an abundant resource to our organization, community, and world. This strengths-based approach to family engagement is a belief that we are all equal parts student and teacher. By working together and learning from one another, we collectively shift from an isolated island struggling to survive to a thriving interdependent community where all lives display evidence of God-given potential.


Stars is committed to the emotional health of our families and overall community. In partnership with Fuller Seminary, Azusa Pacific University, the counseling programs at Lake Avenue Church, and individual therapists that donate their time, we provide access to therapy regardless of your ability to pay. Our goal is to help individuals in our community gain insight into their identity and move individuals to restorative changes that have caused long standing patterns. We do this in a culturally sensitive way , while offering counseling in Spanish.

LAC Intake Hotline: (626) 844-4794

Fuller counseling Hotline: (626) 584-5555