Who We Are

Alejandra Salgado

Middle School Program Manager


Alejandra, born in Bellflower and later relocating to Victorville, has a diverse background that shaped her into the person she is today. Alejandra attended Encore High School for the performing arts, where she got to dive into her passion for music and singing. She also actively participated in her youth ministry at church, where she became a worship leader and developed her passion for ministry and scripture.

After High School, Alejandra completed her undergrad at Life Pacific University in San Dimas, CA, graduating with a B.A. in Biblical Studies. It was a special and truly transformative experience for Alejandra as she was engaging in many cross-cultural missions and outreach opportunities abroad. After LPU, Alejandra became a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco where she lived and served as a Youth Development Specialist.

Motivated to continue working in the field of community development initiatives, Alejandra pursued a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and Leadership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. While pursuing her master’s degree, Alejandra had the opportunity to return to Morocco and fulfill women empowerment projects with a nonprofit that focused on a multi-facet of opportunities for women and youth education and vocational training.

After graduating, Alejandra focused on further developing her skills in the Nonprofit sector, while also exploring deeper Theological studies. Currently, Alejandra is pursuing a Master’s degree in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and is a worship leader for her church in Covina, CA. Alejandra has a deep passion for cultures and diversity. She loves serving her local community and missions abroad.

In her free time, Alejandra enjoys spending time with family and taking weekend trips to explore new locations. She has a deep love for coffee and enjoys furthering her coffee skills at home.