Who We Are

Curt Gibson

Associate Director


Curt began his career as youth pastor and for 15 years he felt called to focus efforts on vulnerable communities. Curt founded Lake Avenue Community Foundation’s (LACF) Mentoring program in 2002. He now serves as Associate Director of LACF where he leads the team that oversee the Stars After School program, the Mentor program, the Family Engagement program, the College Leadership program and the Adopt a School Initiative. Curt also serves in the Mentor program as a Mentor Coach as well as a mentor to five guys that he’s been walking life with since 2002.

Curt has moonlighted in writing, consulting, speaking, and brainstorming for various organizations including the Fuller Youth Institute, Word Action, Youth Specialties, Urban Youth Workers Institute, the Christian Community Development Association, and the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative. Most recently he has served as a consultant with a Federal grant launching a mentor program in the city of Monrovia and the Duarte.

If Curt is not at work you will probably find him building something in his woodshop and in the winter he’s looking for a steep ascent at the local ski resort.

Curt studied Outdoor Christian Ministries and Youth Ministry at Rockmont College in Lakewood, Colorado. He and his wife Kathy, (a Realtor) have resided in Sierra Madre, Altadena, and now Pasadena since 1989.