Who We Are

Diana Bravo

Stars K23 Program Manager


Diana Bravo is a North West Pasadena native, artist and Stars alumni. Having experienced the profound impact that Stars provided throughout her childhood inspired her to return as a volunteer. Through her time volunteering, she had the opportunity to expand her role at Stars as an elementary and middle school Program Leader. Upon working for Stars, she discovered her passion for working with children and social justice advocacy in her own backyard. Diana is passionate about the way children navigate learning within the community and academic system. To further develop her career, she moved from Stars to begin working within a Montessori learning environment, which fueled and affirmed her passion for child development. 

After four years away, Diana is back at Stars as the Stars K23 Program Manager. Overall, Diana has over 10 years of experience working with children and students of all ages. She looks forward to growing in her new role as a Program Manager. She is also pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at CSULA with a minor in child development. Her biggest hope is for children to develop self love and confidence for themselves as they learn and make sense of their identity in the world.

When Diana isn’t working at Stars, she is running her own online thrift shop business – a passion project that stems from her obsession with nostalgic items and clothing pieces that remind her of her childhood. In her spare time, you’ll catch her at a thrift store, watching anime, painting or doing cat lady things with her 4 beautiful cats and boyfriend.